AK1 - Vintage Lounge 250ml

AK1 - Vintage Lounge 250ml

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Fragrance notes: lavender, laurel, coriander seeds, rose, juniper, white pepper, woods, musk and incense.

Description: This intoxicating room fragrance captivates with its scents of white pepper, coriander seeds, laurel, oriental woody notes, incense, a little musk and is perfectly balanced by a touch of the finest rose petals. Magical, mystical, tart. Let yourself be seduced.

  • Luxury room fragrance of the best quality
  • Made in Italy in careful handwork
  • The fine capillary rods made of black rattan wood allow an even scenting
  • AK1 room scents correspond to the high quality of an Eau de Parfum (20% perfume content)


  • filling quantity: 250ml
  • Durability: 12 months
  • Height: 14,5 cm, 39,5 cm with sticks
  • Rotate the sticks regularly for a better diffusion of the fragrance

All the materials used are of the highest quality. From the solid and stylish cubic glass container to the real wood closure covered with piano lacquer, which is handmade by a Milanese carpenter's workshop. The capillary rods come in an attractive box. 100% Made in Milano.