AK1 - Mandarin meets Cinnamon 250ml

AK1 - Mandarin meets Cinnamon 250ml

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Fragrance note: Tangerine and cinnamon.

Description: Gentle cinnamon tones refined with sweet spices and infused with a lively hint of mandarin - sensual and seductive. An inviting oasis of spices is created before our eyes, which also reminds us of winter delicacies.

  • Luxury room fragrance of the best quality
  • Made in Italy in careful handwork
  • The fine capillary rods made of black rattan wood allow an even scenting
  • AK1 room scents correspond to the high quality of an Eau de Parfum (20% perfume content)


  • filling quantity: 250ml
  • Durability: 12 months
  • Height: 14,5 cm, 39,5 cm with sticks
  • Rotate the sticks regularly for a better diffusion of the fragrance

All the materials used are of the highest quality: from the solid and stylish cubic glass container to the real wood stopper covered with piano lacquer, handmade by a Milanese carpenter's workshop. The capillary rods come in an attractive box. 100% Made in Milano.